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Our products born connecting to our native Country and our familiar traditions, from father to son, since three genertations.
A very large time where we have learnt, kept and used the traditional recipes, which still today, allow us to give life to genuine and tasteful products, result of ancient art af spices and seasoning.
Each Mancini Adriana’s product is expression of a territory full of love for good things where the exellence of taste is culture, where the tradition drives the innovation and research of quality is constant in each productive way.

Our products “ Salami “ are made, as usually, with the maximum attention selecting meat and raw-material: spices flavour, wild fenel-seeds...

Besides, since many years we produce also some articles without milk-flour, gluten and OGM additives. The raw-material origin is all traced and certificated.

The raw-material origin is all traced and certificated. Still today we love to work our meat according to the ancient recipes which allow us to offer our customers products with determinated and unmistakable taste.

Traditional Classics


Truffle Taste

Rustic Taste

Without Renunciation (Gluten Free)